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Online entertainment is an extremely competitive industry, with monopolistic companies competing for your information, attention, and money. Several of these companies have adopted gamification techniques to retain users and keep them interested. This is done in many ways, whether it is accumulating more points by running the extra mile with AppleWatch or gaining levels on your favorite shopping app to chase the next big coupon & bonus points. Using all these systems, apps and features are designed to increase retention and keep you curious for what's to come.‌

However we have also seen quite the opposite where traditional industries are being integrated into games such as Tetris and others famous and fundamental games, rewarding players for burn new lines and be more higher and higher among players against one another to see who is the best player in the world.‌

Yet with all the time and money spent by the user, the rewards are simply not enough creating an imbalance. Where the company always has the upper hand and extracts every single dollar they possibly can from the user, which leaves them with next to nothing. At the beginning 2021 players spent over $45 billion USD on games, with the very same users receiving a shocking $0 in return.

Welcome to the world of BattleVerse. Unique heroes are beautiful and wonderful. Use them for fights in the Arenas or trade via the exchange.

BattleVerse is a community-driven platform empowering users by rewarding them for their engagement and enjoyment. By using innovative tokenomics, utilizing finance and games. This platform also combining the best of decentralized technologies like blockchain and AI which used in DeFi and NFTs to create a truly unique and everlasting FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM. This game gives you possibilities to earn on your playing time. We are using blockchain for transparency and truly paying process.

Our vision is that we have to find an ideal balance between centralized and decentralized worlds and we must give our users beautiful gameplay and transparency payments to earn on their time! Before the game would be launched, $BVC holders may choose to stake $BVC to access the liquidity mining program (a type of ‘yield farming’ that has become popular with DeFi protocols where the founding teams seek to decentralise the governance of the protocol).

The purpose of the liquidity mining program is to distribute $BVC to platform community members to:

1) achieve a distributed holding of $BVC tokens across more of the BattleVerse community,

2) incentivise new people to participate in the BattleVerse community,

3) to enable a more liquid and transparent market for the trading and earn of $BVC.

Once the game world is launched, users can stake $BVC as a signal of belief and support in the platform and its governance model and receive access to governance and distributions from in-game fees.

A fully decentralized protocol, BattleVerse represents a new innovation and perspective concept and technology in gaming. It has been engineered from the ground-up to support the long-term sustainability of the BattleVerse game and governance and provide players with a high level blockchain gaming experience. What makes BattleVerse unique is that stakers receive regular distributions in the game itself.

We are using DeFi concept!

The primary goal of the project is to create a decentralised game that can run autonomously. Over the last 1,5 year and more 3 years before as DApps, and particularly in the last six month, DeFi apps have seen impressive growth and rapid development. The DeFi’s market is growing fast and can show more then $28B USD in value in this year.

We strongly believe a decentralised gaming world and economy provides the best fusion between crypto/blockchain/DAO enthusiasts and gamers looking for open access devoid of corporate interference and we see that the real world has some differents with decentralized world and we are creating tools for join them in optimized and very unique thing.

Blockchain Solution

Ownership is vital to collect everything. If you can’t prove your ownership, the entire value proposition falls apart. This is why digital media has struggled in this space and why games with tangible assets, such as card games, have stood the test of time. But with the advent of digital and unique active and the investigation of their implications, the conventions about ownership, value, and utility of digital property all change.

So what do we offer?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a crypto token representing a verifiably unique entity that is mutually interchangeable. The first NFT-like token was launched back in 2012 and was built on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, the most common NFT, ERC-721, is built on the Ethereum network.

NFTs became popular with the launch of CryptoKitties back in November 2017. Being a blockchain based game built on Ethereum, CryptoKitties was prone to multiple scalability issues. However, the rarity of owning an NFT captured everyone’s attention. Since then, add-ons and NFTs have found their way into many games, art and collectables.

Why did BattleVerse choose Polygon?

One of the primary issues NFT projects and users are currently facing is the cost of performing transactions on the Ethereum network. With limitations on the number of transactions Ethereum can handle, users on the network have bid up gas prices to ensure their transactions quickly settle. With the average cost of transferring an NFT averaging $15 at the time of writing, trading volume for NFTs has plummeted.

Polygon changes this, allowing users to work with their NFTs without paying gas fees using what is known as a Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Rollup. Aside from just the savings in gas fees, this provides you with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Transactions are instant, and moving back to mainchain is trustless and verifiable.

  • Unlike other solutions, there is no need for you to own a unique L2 token to buy, sell, send, or receive NFTs.

  • You get more interesting and attractive game mechanics and design from BattleVerse thanks to off-chain minting (more on that later).

  • Polygon will provide turing-complete general computation.

  • Poligon engine supports more then 10 000 transactions per second

Polygon also focuses on improving NFT liquidity to ensure as a buyer you find what you’re looking for, and as a seller you can find someone who wants your NFT. If you’re not familiar with ZK Rollups, why they’re considered the best solution for scaling on Ethereum, and want to learn more, we’d recommend Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin’s recent guide on Rollups.

BattleVerse's Core Mechanics: Minting, Burning, and Exchange

From the very beginning, the standard paradigm of most NFT games had become uninteresting, and lacking in utility. Buy a digital asset, own it, and hope it appreciates in value. Some games allow you to buy NFTs and then play with them in a game. While certainly an improvement, we still felt there was more to the experience. There had to be a way to establish an emotional connection between the players and their collections. We aren’t the only ones to see the gap, and the subsequent opportunity in this, but we wanted to provide the most distinctive and original solution: an emotive experience that was consistently intriguing and rewarding throughout the entire process, from discovery all the way to exchange.

Inside BattleVerse, you will encounter wild, flexible, and combative creatures. In our Verse you can trip through the many regions and territories, fight and capture them. To do this, you need a $QZQ; a specially-constructed substance that allow you to develop your territory, start fight or earn on betting. The amount of your $QZQ determines the speed of your growth and quality of your heroes. A successful capture results in a new NFT token (new hero) representing the BattleVerse being minted and stored in your wallet. When you manage to capture a few of the same type, you Fuse them together, which burns the existing tokens and mints a more powerful creature.

Polygon makes this vital process much easier, by taking away distraction and letting players simply explore and enjoy the world. Transactions happen much faster, so players can stay focused on what they came here to do: Explore, Collect, Battle, and Earn.

Game Overview

BattleVerse is a free P2E online game powered by DeFi x NFT and blockchain technology.

A unique feature of BattleVerse is Multichain technology - the ability to manage your gaming assets by interacting with different blockchains.

The world of BattleVerse is huge! Everyone can find something to their liking in it. Someone will choose to participate in battles for rewards and develop their fighting characters in order to fight the best of the best in the Intergalactic Tournament sooner or later. Someone will choose the path of an adventurer or become a famous merchant throughout the galaxy, capable of selling a rusty gear to any robot. Many will become the owners of factories and plants, underground mycelium fields and mysterious groves, bringing good and stable income.

And the most successful or fortunate players will have the opportunity to breed their playable characters and find truly unique, funny and loyal friends.

It will be possible to take part in the adventures of the amazing characters of the Battleverse world in a personal computer browser (Mac or Windows), as well as in IOS and Android mobile applications (will be available in 2022).

BattleVerse development

Additional Sets

While there will be many players (citizens in one world) to discover and battle on launch, we aren’t going to stop there. Their finite nature necessitates the production of additional sets (heroes, territories, arenas etc). These will be voted on by the DAO and released at steady intervals, as the rarity of the preceding set increases. This does not mean that early sets will disappear completely, because players will still exchange them on the game trading platform for a long time after. But over time due to the fusion mechanic, their numbers can drop, which means their rarity will most likely go up over time. We believe owning Generation 1 heroes will be very impressive in the coming years.

Mini Games and Collaborations

There are still many months until full release and during that wait we would love to give players a taste of the huge verse. As such, we plan on collaborating with other developers to create cool ways of bringing the BattleVerse world to top of the game world.

Game and Backend Technology

Game Engine

BattleVerse is built in Unity3D. BattleVerse will be able to easily archive every battle ever played.


Our backend is represented by blockchain technology. We created a pool of Smart-Contracts. So we offer fully decentralized game with transparent transactions, transfers and call game methods. Every player will see his result all his GameCoins and moneys.

Smart Contract

A smart contract is an electronic algorithm that describes a set of conditions by which actions and events in the real world or digital systems can be associated.

To implement self-controlled smart contracts, a decentralized environment that completely excludes the human factor is required, and to use the transfer of the cost of a smart contract, a cryptocurrency independent of the central authority is required.


A smart contract consists of the following entities:

  1. Property (public variables) – the system entity storing public data necessary for work of the contract.

  2. Method is the entity responsible for observing the logic and sequence of actions when conducting the transaction (actions under the contract).

Participants sign the smart contracts using the method call that modifies the contract properties, by launching the processes for verifying compliance with conditions and coordination.

A smart contract comes into force after signing by the parties. To ensure automated fulfillment of obligations, an environment of existence is required fully automating the execution of contract terms. This means that smart contracts can exist only within an environment that has unimpeded access to the executable code to the smart contract items.

All contract terms must have a mathematical description and clear logic of execution. Thus, the main principle of a smart contract is complete automation and reliability of contractual relations between the parties.

DAO Governance

BattleVerse Council

The genesis of the BattleVerse project was a desire to make a collectible NFT game that was open, transparent, and governed by the community. Here we outline the mechanism by which the community of $BVC holders will govern and maintain the protocol, via the BattleVerse Council, and what types of changes can be proposed.


To elect council members, holders of $BVC have the ability to nominate an individual for a council seat as well as delegate their vote to a nominee. Candidates for council members must be proposed before the due date of the event, followed by a formal voting period. The mvDAO will then collate all proposed members from the BattleVerse Voting Channel and calculate results.

(The "mvDAO" is our initial governance model and is subject to change. We strive to implement the best models of decentralized governance).

Quadratic Voting

This mechanism will be utilized to reduce the voting power of large $BVC holders and reduce plutocracy. This system is used successfully by a number of other protocols and used within Grants and we believe it is the fairest way to weight votes.

Specification Overview

There are two major components of the new governance system:

The BattleVerse Council will consist of nominees who are voted in by the $BVC token holders, enabling the influence of community representatives who are able to debate and distill technical changes while also not directly providing large $BVC holders a disproportionate voting weight in the outcome of proposals.


There will be situations where changes to the $BVC council will need to be decided. Any meta-governance proposals will need to be unanimously decided.


All rounds except Public are vested linearly block by block.

Seed Sale

Our seed sale is used to fund aggressive growth of the core contributors and allowed the protocol to bring on some of the best in the industry. They were offered 40,000,000 BVC at $0.03 USD each. As early-stage investors are taking the highest risk, they must be rewarded with the lowest price. All tokens would be sold in this round. Minimum entry amount 50k USD, maximum 15%.

Private Sale

80,000,000 BVC at $0.04 USD each.

Core contributors Sale

This sale is being used to further accelerate new hires, audits, listings and all other cumulative costs. All 70,000,000 $BVC would be distributed at a price of $0.05 USD.

Public sale

Intended to use for IDOs. All 20,000,000 $BVC would be distributed at a price of $0.05 USD. token allocation.


There are two types of tokens provided in BattleVerse:

  • game token $QZQ

  • project token $BVC

Basic operations involving the project $BVC token:

  • purchasing territories, buildings, and other game objects

  • DAO management of the BattleVerse

  • selection of NFT-projects with new playable characters for collaboration

  • exchange operations of $BVC token for main crypto currencies

  • participation in DeFi projects/liquidity pools.

The $QZQ token is a gaming stablecoin: 1QZQ = 0.01$

The game token $QZQ is owned only by players.

The project team and investors have nothing to do with it, unless they have purchased or earned some amount of game currency on the same terms as the rest of the BattleVerse players. This principle of operation provides the ability to organize a game with a stable rate and a full understanding of earnings for each event or farming.

The $QZQ token can be purchased on the in-game exchange / trading platform for $BVC.

$QZQ is not listed on external or third party exchanges.

You can manage in-game $QZQ tokens directly in the game, as well as using a game wallet, exchanger or exchange.

You can get $QZQ tokens in several ways at once:

  • purchase on the exchange or in the exchanger without leaving the game

  • make money on the Battle Funding system

  • receive for participation in the Bounty program or affiliate programs

  • win in the prize competitions

  • get in the course of character development, or as a reward for being active in the game

  • receive for participation in eSports events

Basic operations involving the in-game $ QZQ token:

  • participation in PVP battles and tournaments

  • purchasing items on the in-game marketplace

  • any trading operations between users

  • Batlle Funding system

  • participation in additional gaming entertainment

  • purchasing tickets, special and collectible items

Issue and burning of $QZQ tokens

The amount of $QZQ issued in the system is directly proportional to the amount of fiat liquidity in the system. All liquidity obtained from the sale of $QZQ is converted into USDT and placed in third-party DeFi liquidity pools, which allows for a constant and stable increase in liquidity.

When calculating a profit in DeFi, the resulting volume is also transferred to the liquidity pool. In accordance with the amount of liquidity placed in the pool, an additional emission of the difference in $QZQ tokens is made. This process is launched once a day, immediately after the profit is accrued. The difference is calculated as a delta between the current $QZQ volume and the calculated maximum volume relative to the dollar volume allocated to the DeFi pool.

To minimize the possibility of inflation in the $QZQ asset, the system actively uses token burning algorithms. Incineration is subject to 25% of any commission in favor of the system.

The distribution of the commission is as follows:

  • 50% goes to the tournament prize pool

  • 25% for operating expenses for maintaining and maintaining the ecosystem

  • 25% are burned.


Q2 2021

  • Initial idea

  • Team building

  • First Baby Combat Bots concepts

  • First site and generator script versions

Q3 2021

  • Team expansion

  • Landing page and concepts

  • 8k Discord community

  • Baby Combat Bots Gen 1 NFTs sold out in 5 minutes

  • BattleVerse concept development

  • Detailed gameplay explainer video

  • First game code prototype

Q4 2021

  • White paper and tokenomics presentation

  • Combat Shrooms Gen 1 launch

  • Seed and private token sale launch

  • Game beta

Q1 2022

  • PvP battles launch

  • Farming pool launch

  • Baby Combat Bots Gen 2&3 launch

  • Smart contracts audit

  • Public sale and IDO

  • In-game marketplace launch

  • Observer funding launch

  • Combat Shrooms Gen 2&3 launch

  • PvE mode launch

  • Cross-chains transfers launch

Q2 2022

  • Game ecosystem extension

  • Referral system launch

  • Bounty program launch

  • Franchise program launch

  • BattleVerse Global Arena launch

Q3 2022

  • Mobile App for Android and iOS

  • Two new races

  • Adding new races in collaboration with other game projects

  • Meta governance launch

Q4 2022

  • Expansion of PvE mode

  • Land sales launch

  • Buildings' construction

  • Resources' production

  • Quests and missions in PvE mode

  • Special missions in PvE mode

  • Exploration of new systems, planets and territories

Q1 2023

  • Mobile version update

  • Desktop versions for Mac, Windows and Linux launch

Q2 2023

  • VR/AR functionality for Android and iOS

  • In-game enterpreneurship and large-scale production cycles (PvE)

  • Character specialities

Q3 2023

  • Generation of special NPCs (PvE)

  • Introduction of bases with a bar

  • In-Dapps functionality

  • Creation of clans, guilds, organizations, cooperatives, and corporations

  • Direct exchange of resoources within clans

Q4 2023

  • Clan missions

  • Hunting for large dangerous NPCs

  • Clan wars and seizure of territory

  • Create your own arenas and get profit

  • Create your own power plant and get energy

  • Energy generation for $BVC


  • Continuous BattleVerse improvement

  • Expansion and addition new functionality in accordance with the community requests

The main goal - "MultiChain"

Due to the high speed of development of blockchain technologies and the constant emergence of new protocols, it is necessary to provide for the scalability of the BattleVerse to work with any protocols and blockchain platforms.

Our main technical idea is to create a gateway capable of taking data from one system / protocol / platform and transferring it to another.

This gateway will operate in an automated mode based on private decentralized technology.

As a result, the basic concept looks like this:

  • The basic decentralised technology of the game is located on the Polygon platform and is the core of the system.

  • On other platforms (at the first stage - ERC20 and BSC20, on the next - other protocols), copies (phantoms) of game items (heroes, cards, project tokens, etc.) are created

  • There is a basic service (gateway) operating in a closed (private) infrastructure, which at a certain period of time, for example, 1 time per second, polls the connected platforms and in the basic blockchain of the game notes the presence of game assets of each player on all protocols.

Initially, all game assets are created in the basic blockchain protocol Polygon and placed in the system wallet, then the service (gateway) reads update transactions and places (creates) full copies of what was created on the basic protocol in system wallets on other platforms.

If a player receives a game asset, it is stored in his wallet of the protocol of the received asset. If a player wants to switch to another platform, he starts the transfer process: he selects the "switch to another protocol" function and transfers his assets there.

In the system, the transition process looks like the transfer of an asset to the system address. After that, the gateway, after analyzing the transactions, transfers the same pool of assets to the player's address in another protocol that arrived at the system address within the protocol from which the user wanted to switch.

The process of participating in battles looks similar.

On the basic blockchain protocol Polygon, a battle is created with a specific address. Users send their Battle Fundings to this address. Placing a Battle Funding is possible within the perimeter of any supported protocol. The gateway, tracking transactions in supported protocols, in the event of transactions being made to the target address of the battle, commits a transaction (executes the smart contract method aimed at fixing the rate) on behalf of the system indicating the address of the player who made the Battle Funding. After receiving the result of the battle, the system commits a transaction to fix the result in the basic Polygon protocol, and the gateway distributes the winnings among the participants in the protocols in which they play.

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