Not all living things are created by someone's plan. Sometimes it's just pure coincidence. The research activity of the science station on the planet Shroud was to analyze the planet's surface and its moons. Respected scientists work hard on the DNA of plants and animals. Biologists make discoveries in the macroworld.

Meanwhile, A young mycologist William Lang tried to breed a new species of spores by crossing terrestrial species with local species. Unfortunately, his experiments failed each time, and the only thing he succeeded in was growing a simple earth fungus in the soil of a new planet. It took on red and orange hues and nothing more.

After the disappearance of Mankind, The Fungus did not wait for its creator. However, the favorable atmosphere at the station and the availability of nutrients that helped the Fungus to grow, as a result, gave an unexpected effect - the simple earth mushroom began to grow throughout the station, even more of the same mushrooms began to appear from its spores. When the spores made their way to the chemistry lab, they were contacted with toxic reagents.

All this chemical soup created basic intellect in spores, and when they acquired themselves as a living being. After that, they found a red-orange mushroom with a weapon in their hands. It was a sign like they thought. Mother Fungus became an idol.

Main Goal

Shrooms following the Path of Mother Fungus - spread spores all over the Galaxy. When Quzers come to their planet, they were attacked, but barbaric and primitive Shrooms couldn’t strike powerful Quzers. Shrooms accepted the rules of Quzers and wait for their time to revenge.


Shrooms - are non-fungible tokens, from common and rare to unique and collectible.

Character classification

Differentiation of Shrooms occurs in 4 basic components of each character: weapon, tool, head, platform.

Weapons (attack)

Each weapon has its attack power. Rarer weapon types increase the chance of victory, but the final result also depends on the strength of the enemy’s defense.

Tools (defense)

Each character has its personal totem.

The efficiency of defense depends on the rarity of the toy and the strength of the enemy's trick.

Head (trick)

Each character has intellectual and strategic abilities.

The efficiency of the Trick depends on the rarity of the Head and the strength of the opponent's weapon.


Mother Fungus, which stands on a small wooden rack, other Shrooms also use a similar platform, adding an anti-gravity pad borrowed from abandoned human technology.

The efficiency of the platform depends on the environment in which it is used: in a friendly environment, it increases the strength of the character (modifier +2%).

Platform types:

Round: +2% to Defense

Octagon: +2% to Trick

Square: +2% to Attack


Battles take place in different types of arenas: Round, Octagonal, Square.

If the type of Arena and Platform are the same, then the player's character adds 2% to attack power and increases the chance of winning.

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