How to Earn

First, decide which course of ​​BV you are most interested in.

If you want to get Tokens quickly and you like action, you can start with PVP in the Arena. There's really fast money and the same risk of losing it.

Also, you can try a Racing mode, where it is possible to earn a little bit more. Quick money = high risks.

If the passion for adventure lives in your heart. If your soul wants to explore territories and scavenge artifacts, then you can try the PVE mode.

If you are interested in trading and you understand how works market relations. So, you are on your way to trading on the marketplace. It is even better to do this in complex with the production.

If you are a magnate and you appreciate creating resources for others, you will always receive from the sale of produced resources, chips, and mined ore in the market.

If you don't want to risk and want to get measured profits, we recommend staking. By investing in a staking deposit, you will always have a percentage every month. Long and stable.

Here are some good tips for playing:

If you have one character:

It will be faster to earn in the Arena or Races. 1 character on the battlefield is still a warrior.

If you have two characters:

Both in the Arena or both in the Races. Winning chance increased.

If you have three characters:

Either all for production, or in 3x3 battles.

If you have four characters:

1 for energy staking, 2 for Arena or Races. The number of games without energy will be increased.

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