Basic terms

OpenSea – one of the world's oldest and largest trading platforms for trading NFT assets.

NFT (non-fungible token) - unique non-fungible digital key based on cryptocurrency. The NFT cannot be destroyed or replaced with another such token. It is a kind of certificate of the uniqueness and uniqueness of any digital object. Within the BattleVerse Universe, NFTs are playable characters, battle cards, various in-game artifacts, tournament tickets, and ownership of land and buildings.

QZQ (game token) - credited for battles fought, used for farming, as a trading currency for the market, as well as when buying artifacts that enhance the characteristics of a character ВVC (project token) - required to participate in lotteries for the right to purchase land and vote for innovations. Flow - energy for mining

PvP battle - battles between players

PvE story mode - story battles and quests against the computer

Battle Funding - payment that forms the prize fund for winning a battle.

Tournaments - large-scale battles between players for elimination Squad - a team of fighters to participate in the Intergalactic duel.

Quests - tasks in PvE mode, for the completion of which the player receives a reward.

Fixed Battle Funding - payment for participation in tournaments, which forms the prize pool

The Medal For Courage - in-game award given in case of victory over a higher rank character.

Ability card - a card for improving existing and acquiring new combat skills of a character.

Tier - the level of the fighter, which increases with each passage of the arcade mode and the completion of quests and decreases in the absence of game activity. Required to enter the Intergalactic Arena.

Lootbox - a box with bonuses that opens for game tokens

Marketplace - place for buying, selling and exchanging in-game resources, artifacts and other in-game values. All transactions on the market are carried out for the $BVC token. All transactions are subject to a commission, which goes to the general fund of the game.

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