Unique Multichain P2E Metaverse

A unique feature of the BattleVerse is the possibility of interaction between players, participation in various gaming activities between different blockchains!

For all players without exception, regardless of which blockchain their digital asset originally belongs to, it will be given the opportunity to transfer any gaming asset to other blockchains.

The main goal - "MultiChain"

Due to the high speed of development of blockchain technologies and the constant emergence of new protocols, it is necessary to provide for the scalability of the BatlleVerse Metaverse to work with any protocols and blockchain platforms.

Our main technical idea is to create a gateway capable of taking data from one system / protocol / platform and transferring it to another.

This gateway will operate in an automated mode based on private decentralized technology.

As a result, the basic concept looks like this:

  • The basic decentralized technology of the game is located on the Polygon platform and is the core of the system.

  • On other platforms (at the first stage - ERC20 and BSC20, on the next - other protocols), copies (phantoms) of game items (heroes, cards, project tokens, etc.) are created

  • There is a basic service (gateway) operating in a closed (private) infrastructure, which at a certain period of time, for example, 1 time per second, polls the connected platforms and in the basic blockchain of the game notes the presence of game assets of each player on all protocols.

Initially, all game assets are created in the basic blockchain protocol Polygon and placed in the system wallet, then the service (gateway) reads update transactions and places (creates) full copies of what was created on the basic protocol in system wallets on other platforms.

If a player receives a game asset, it is stored in his wallet of the protocol of the received asset. If a player wants to switch to another platform, he starts the transfer process: he selects the "switch to another protocol" function and transfers his assets there.

In the system, the transition process looks like the transfer of an asset to the system address. After that, the gateway, after analyzing the transactions, transfers the same pool of assets to the player's address in another protocol that arrived at the system address within the protocol from which the user wanted to switch.

The process of participating in battles looks similar.

On the basic blockchain protocol Polygon, a battle is created with a specific address. Users send their Battle Fundings to this address. Placing a Battle Funding is possible within the perimeter of any supported protocol. The gateway, tracking transactions in supported protocols, in the event of transactions being made to the target address of the battle, commits a transaction (executes the smart contract method aimed at fixing the rate) on behalf of the system indicating the address of the player who made the Battle Funding. After receiving the result of the battle, the system commits a transaction to fix the result in the basic Polygon protocol, and the gateway distributes the winnings among the participants in the protocols in which they play.

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