World of BattleVerse

The world of BattleVerse is full of various star systems, planets, and creatures in the post-human era. Mankind, as a species, disappeared, giving birth to manifold beings that settled the Galaxy. Why they disappeared, where they went - is unknown. Only forgotten, ancient technologies left after them.

The story of the BattleVerse is based on the Galactic Tournament founded by the Qrol, the first sentient race in the post-human era. Initially, the Tournament was held only on the Qrol's home planet - Aquila Prime, which brought together athletes from all neighboring colonized planets of the Quazar system. Later, after achieving technological and social growth, Qrols no longer needed to resolve their conflicts, as they reached the highest point in the evolution of their civilization. The Era of Abundance could not last forever. Qrols saw a new goal, which they called - the Age of Enlightenment.

Quazar system is a homeland of Qrols. Only three planets are habited - Aquila Prime, Aquila III, and Aquila V. Other planets in the system are lost as a result of cataclysms. These planets have become victims of their own technologies and progress.

The Quazar system was a populated exosystem that had many human colonies. Qrols are the scions of Mankind, the next evolutionary stage of humanity. Their homeland system was isolated by the Cosmic Storm for a long time. When it was gone, new parts of the universe became available for exploration.

The Cosmic Storm, a bizarre astral anomaly that divides entire sectors of the Galaxy, after many years vanished from the Quazar system, opening up new races. Other intelligent species, less developed, must go through the same path of becoming, and Qrols decided to help them with this. Qrols said their desire to become Curators and open their Academies, where they train athletes of various species to participate in the Galactic Tournament. The Player, as one of the Qrols, performs as such a Curator.

Leaders of Qrols - a primals called The Quzers. There are mysterious rulers of the Quazar system and Galactic Tournament.

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