Battle funding

Battle funding is one of the key features and USPs of the game

The gameplay is designed in such a way as to give players the freedom to independently determine the amount of the Battle funding and, accordingly, the amount of winnings in case of victory for each specific battle or tournament. The system is designed so that the rates are divided into integers:

100, 500, 1000, 10,000, 100,000

1000QZQ = 1BVC

The winner of the battle takes the Battle Funding of both opponents minus 2.5%:

  • 1% for the formation of the prize fund of the Intergalactic Tournament;

  • 0.5% for burning the QZQ game token to launch the deflationary model;

  • 1% for the game development.

The payment for the battle and the possible winnings are determined for each type of PVP battle as follows:

PvP 1v1

  • Selection of an opponent with proper combat funding and character leveling

  • Creation of an application for a battle with a fixed amount of Battle Funding

Tournaments within the same race

With fixed payments that form the prize fund.

Galactic Tournament

It is formed at the cost of 1% of all game transactions.

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