The $QZQ token is a gaming stablecoin: 1QZQ = 0.01$

The game token $QZQ is owned only by players.

The project team and investors have nothing to do with it, unless they have purchased or earned some amount of game currency on the same terms as the rest of the BattleVerse players. This principle of operation provides the ability to organize a game with a stable rate and a full understanding of earnings for each event or farming.

The $QZQ token can be purchased on the in-game exchange / trading platform for $BVC.

$QZQ is not listed on external or third party exchanges.

You can manage in-game $QZQ tokens directly in the game, as well as using a game wallet, exchanger or exchange.

You can get $QZQ tokens in several ways at once:

  • purchase on the exchange or in the exchanger without leaving the game

  • make money on the Battle Funding system

  • receive for participation in the Bounty program or affiliate programs

  • win in the prize competitions

  • get in the course of character development, or as a reward for being active in the game

  • receive for participation in eSports events

Basic operations involving the in-game $ QZQ token:

  • participation in PVP battles and tournaments

  • purchasing items on the in-game marketplace

  • any trading operations between users

  • Batlle Funding system

  • participation in additional gaming entertainment

  • purchasing tickets, special and collectible items

Issue and burning of $QZQ tokens

The amount of $QZQ issued in the system is directly proportional to the amount of fiat liquidity in the system. All liquidity obtained from the sale of $QZQ is converted into USDT and placed in third-party DeFi liquidity pools, which allows for a constant and stable increase in liquidity.

When calculating a profit in DeFi, the resulting volume is also transferred to the liquidity pool. In accordance with the amount of liquidity placed in the pool, an additional emission of the difference in $QZQ tokens is made. This process is launched once a day, immediately after the profit is accrued. The difference is calculated as a delta between the current $QZQ volume and the calculated maximum volume relative to the dollar volume allocated to the DeFi pool.

To minimize the possibility of inflation in the $QZQ asset, the system actively uses token burning algorithms. Incineration is subject to 25% of any commission in favor of the system.

The distribution of the commission is as follows:

  • 50% goes to the tournament prize pool

  • 25% for operating expenses for maintaining and maintaining the ecosystem

  • 25% are burned.

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