There are two classic combat modes in BattleVerse:

  • PvP (player versus player)

  • PvE (player versus environment)

The controls in the game are as simple: the player selects a character from his collection and sends him on a PvE or PvP adventure that runs under the total control of the player.Cooldown


The battle limit for each character is limited to 10 energy-free battles per day. This limit is consumed in both combat modes (PVP or PVE).

For the first 3 battles, each participant returns the spent energy. The winner takes 50% of the energy spent. The loser gets 100% of the energy. Thus, the loser has the opportunity to play 13 energy-free battles per day.


battles per day







Intergalactic Legends


Interracial Uniques*


*Interracial Uniques are game characters hand-crafted by developers as result of merging of 2 different races. More info on the Breeding page.


The game provides for an increase in the limit of daily battles through achievements. Extra daily battles gained are here to stay, unlike


extra battles per day

10 Medals of Courage (does not apply to Intergalactic Legends and Interracial Unique)


30 Medals of Courage (does not apply to Intergalactic Legends and Interracial Unique)


Local tournament winner


TOP 10 Intergalactic Tournament


Extra battles

Anyone can purchase additional daily battles for the in-game $QZQ token, but no more than +3 battles per day, or receive them as a bonus in PvP or PvE modes.

Battle Rewards

There are several types of rewards for battles.


For each fight held, regardless of the result, the participants in the battle are awarded $QZQ in-game tokens. Naturally, the reward in case of victory will be significantly higher.

The number of tokens earned is determined randomly in a given range of values: the higher the level of in-game achievements, the greater the chance of getting a multiplying coefficient.


Extra bonuses given out for battles are mysterious Lootboxes containing Ability cards , artifacts, unique in-game assets, up to a ticket to the Intergalactic Tournament. To open the Lootbox, the player will need $QZQ in-game tokens.

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