Launch Q3 2022

Production and mining allow the residents of BattleVerse to create in-game assets without participating in the battles.

To start manufacturing, you need to purchase a territory and build construction of that type depending on what you want to produce or mine.

The right to purchase territories and buildings can be purchased on the Marketplace. If you are among the lucky ones, then you just need to buy the territory and build one of the constructions:

  • Ore Mining Plant: Extracts ore and minerals on the territory.

  • Refinery: Procedure mined ore and various kinds of rubble

  • Collector: Collects from bars and processed ore components for construction and production. He also collects all sorts of devices and chips for Bots. It also serves as an incubator for growing pets for the Shrooms.

  • Warehouse: Storage resources

Resources extraction, production, and earnings

The player can make good money in the marketplace from territories with ore deposits. Territories are running out of resources, so resources will always be relevant in BV.

Also, the production of components and chips brings a lot of income.

Clan base and Bar

This is another massive industry in BV. Thanks to the creation of your clan and the construction of the base, you can participate in politics within the world of BV.

You need to use the game resource Energy for farming, which you can receive as a prize for winning the Arena, missions, or quests. You can also buy Energy for $QZQ

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