PvP battles

Battle funding PvP battles will start in Q1 2022

To participate in battles with other players, you need to select a character from your collection and go to the Arena section. Next, filter the opponents by the selected rate and choose 1 from 3 opponents. It's provided by the automatic selection system. If you wish to choose the other 3 opponents, you can re-roll. Re-roll cost 10QZQ.

The combat system of the BV game is based on the idea that even the weakest character can defeat an opponent more powerful than you.

Thus, the system motivates you to fight with a more experienced opponent because everyone has a chance to defeat even the strongest opponent.

For those of you who go into battle with stronger opponents, there are multipliers for gaining experience based on the result of the battle.

Combat system

In BattleVerse, there is no split into damage and defense as in the usual games with character leveling. There are 3 main skills are used in the Arena. Skills interact with each other, like Rock Paper Scissors game

Each character has basic skills, which are strikes, and also blocks.

1. Attack

2. Defense

3. Trick

Basic skill rules:

Attack does not penetrate Defense

Defense parries and hits Attack

Trick bypasses and hits Defence

Defense does no damage Trick

Attack hits and deals damage Trick

Trick does no damage to Attack

Damage power of skills

Each skill has equal base damage. If skill blocking (Defense parries Attack for example), another skill, damage from that skill reduces by 100%. The strength of the skill base damage is increased by the rarity of character parts.

Weapon > Attack

Tool/Toy > Defence

Head > Trick

The damage from the skill is calculated by the formula:

Damage = min damage + random*(max damage - min damage) Damage = Force/3 + random*(Force/2 - Force/3)

Min Damage = Force/3 Max Damage = Force/2 Random = 0,1 - 1

Health points

Health Point (HP) value determines the maximum amount of damage that characters can take. If the current number of HP reaches zero, then the character loses consciousness and the fight ends. After the battle, both characters restore their health to full in 30 seconds.

Health points value is calculated using the formula:

HP = 100 + Force(Head) + Force(R-Hand Weapon) + Force(L-Hand Toy/Tool)

Abilities upgrade

You can upgrade your character's combat abilities with Bot Chips and Shroom Pets. They can be received through purchase or production.

When fighting in the Arena or in PVE battles, your characters gain experience. Experience can be spent to activate abilities.

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