PvE storymode

Launching Q3 2022

To participate in PVE adventures, you first need to select your character. All achievements during PVE are related to the chosen fighter in story mode.

Story mode is a series of battle levels. After passing them all, you have to fight with a boss that overtakes your character in strength.

You will receive a large amount of loot for defeating the boss. Loot can be used in the game or sold, or get Artifacts. Artifacts have a drop chance.

For each battle you will receive game coins $QZQ: the number of coins is given out randomly, more for victory, less for loss.

There are many quests in the story mode. You get game currency, resources, artifacts, and valuable loot boxes for completing quests.


The Player will receive prize tokens, resources, and much more, including the opportunity for daily and weekly contests. You can get a ticket to Galactic Tournament.

There are two types of quests: simple and hard. Simple quests are completed at no cost. Hard quests can be during for a week or even a month.


Special quests in story mode. These quests you receive from NPCs allow you to engage in the lore of the game and feel the spirit of adventures in the world of Battleverse.

Missions are separated into easy, medium, and hard. There are also unique ones that require certain items in the game.


In various territories, there will be strong enemies, which will not always be defeated alone. This is called The Boss. Some bosses are so strong that you must attack them in a group.

Such difficult enemies will drop superior loot. For defeating The Boss, you will receive a large amount of loot. Loot can be used in the game or sold, or get Artifacts. Artifacts have a drop chance.

Depending on the mission, quest, or if it's just wandering around the territories in search.

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