Maze of Trials


There is a special training maze that challenges athletes. This is a short scenario where you need to explore the maze, collect keys, avoid traps, fight enemies and find boxes with tokens. The player receives consumables, profit for passing, and achievements.

The Main Task

Manage your character, collect keys in rooms to open boxes with coins and resources. Also, you will fight enemies. Key or coins can drop from defeated enemies. The more keys - the better the box can be opened and get more coins and consumables.

The player can leave the Maze of Trials at any time. After that, a player picks up the number of coins that he gets from the boxes and mobs.

If you pass the whole Maze, you receive a great number of tokens and resources.

The structure of the Maze of Trials

Maze of Trials consists of rooms separated by doors and passages between them. The size of the Maze depends on the difficulty and time to complete.

Each Maze consists of 3x3 blocks. Difficulty increases the number of these blocks and the time it takes to complete the Maze of Trials.

3x3 simple, 9 rooms, 3 enemies

6x6 medium, 36 rooms, 12 enemies

9x9 difficult, 81 rooms, 21 enemies

Each block of the 3x3 maze consists of:

2 enemies and 3 keys, 1 key in an empty room. 2 keys drop from enemies. Also, a player has a chance to find a box or trap. The higher the difficulty - the harder mobs and the bigger reward. It depends on the difficulty of the level.

Character controller

The character is controlled by the mouse.

Some sections of the rooms are open. Some are impassable. Obstacles, broken doors, large objects, abysses, and others restrict the passage. All this stuff is specified by the level designer. The passability of certain sections is set by the "access map". "Access map" is formed when the game level create.

When a player meets an enemy in a room, he can no longer leave the room. A player can prepare and start the battle with the enemy. The mechanics of combat is based on the core mechanics of the game.

After pressing the start button, the camera changes the position of the side view and the standard battle mode starts.

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